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My recent projects, as well as the future

2008-06-26 03:15:06 by SpinBang

well I'm pretty impressed with myself, I've managed to make three cartoons that didn't get blammed. And I really like my new sprite short series, it lets me throw together stupid shit that I think up without having to draw anything.

I'm also working on, or, started working on this one cartoon, it's going to be long as fuck, so it'll probably be split into a few parts. but man... im not as good at animating as I want to be. So I've decided to postpone it until I get better.

Here is a screenshot of the preloader, which i'm pretty proud of.

The preloader is a little animation
of the main girl character in the story, she also happens to be blind. I'll be needing a female voice actress sometime later when I start it back up again, but it'll be awhile. I'm just really hoping that
soon I'll get good enough at animating that I can make this cartoon look as good as I want.

I guess that means I'll be making less Rly Ghey Sprite shorts, and more real cartoons, if I want to
get any better :\

My recent projects, as well as the future


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2008-06-29 14:48:07

dallas? eh? HTOWN. anyways i am sure your project will be fun.


2009-03-23 23:15:49

lol yeah, I can't really make any flash, so I review them.. to get to be known lol

Al' B watching more of your stuff and reviewing (¿?¿?¿)


2009-03-23 23:16:30

OH man!!
you made that awesome Numb3rs thing !! wooA